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Music of Scotland, Ireland and North America.   Specializing in playing for Scottish and Contra dancing.

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written by Bob McQuillen


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Tracks include:
1. The Cameronian/The Doone/Drowsey Maggie
2. Bobby Casey's Hornpipe/The Gravel Walks
3. Irish Polkas
4. Langstrom's Pony
5. Millbrae/The High Road to Linton/The High Reel
6. Trowie Burn
7. Jug of Punch/Tarbolten/Green Groves of Erin
8. Lad O'Bierne's Hornpipe/Byrne's Hornpipe
9. Strayaway Child
10. Margaret Anne Robertson
11. The Chicago Reel/The Tempest
12. Niel Gow's Lament of the for the Death of his second wife

13.  O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick

Sample Dave's Music with this track from his cd entitled: Bobby Casey's Hornpipe/The Gravel Walks in MP3 format.

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Dave Miller

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